Wildlife Control

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Protect Your Property From Wildlife in Upstate, NY.

While they may seem harmless, wild animals can be very unpredictable. At Bug-U Pest Control, we understand when wildlife invades your home or property, it is more than just a nuisance, it can be dangerous for your family and pets. Raccoons and other wildlife can transmit rabies and introduce fleas and parasites onto your property. Our trained wildlife control professionals will provide you with relief from your wildlife problems while treating the pest in a humane manner.

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While raccoons may look cute in pictures, they can be remarkably destructive and dangerous. They destroy vegetable gardens, raid trash cans and pantry's, and are one of the most bothersome animals when they get into suburban and country homes. Trapping is usually the best method for removing raccoons from your property. We can also employ professional exclusion methods to keep them out of your home for good.

Opossum and Skunk Control

While opossums are considered wildlife, they’re a significant problem. Contact us today to learn more about our trapping services for opossums, raccoons and skunks.

If you have a skunk in your home or commercial building, you probably don’t want to risk getting sprayed by trying to remove the skunk yourself. We can provide a trapping program to remove skunks from your property. Also, we can recommend exclusion to prevent skunks from accessing under your home.

Squirrel Control

There are many species of squirrels but the most problematic are Tree Squirrels. However, there doesn’t necessarily need to be trees around for squirrels to be present on your yard or garden as there are also Ground Squirrels that commonly rummage around residences as well.

When displaced from their natural habitat in the woods, squirrels go on a hunt for new shelter. If the conditions allow it, squirrels will move into attics, eaves, and soffits of any structure. Once inside a building, they can potentially cause damage to insulation, rafters and electric wires. This is a particularly dangerous hazard as squirrels damaging wiring has been known to be the cause of electrical fires in a home.

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Bat Control

Bats can be a real problem and if you have them. These pests tend to use your eves and roof coves for shelter. After taking up residence, they can make a mess by leaving rub marks, guano, a strong scent of ammonia, and small openings. They can also be carriers of disease.

Bug-U Pest Control can rid your commercial or residential structures of these pests. We can also clean-up debris in areas left behind by these flying pests.

Easy Rodent Proofing Process


Rodent Proofing includes an assessment as to how pests and rodents are entering a building. This assessment may make recommendations on trash bin location. There may be recommendations towards barriers, traps, or poisons designed to eliminate animals and insects from moving into the building.


During the installation stage, we will install door sweeps under entry doors that may have open gaps at their base. Any cracks or holes between wall panels, baseboards and walls, around windows, or cracks in the grout or foundation in tiled areas. We will pay special attention to drains and conduits, closing any voids surrounding them. We will also clean out your floor drains to control drain flies.

Quality Control Inspection

The Quality Control Inspection involves our managing technician thoroughly looking at the areas addressed in the installation. Our technicians will verify that the installation was done properly and will prevent future infestation. We recommend that the building be checked at regular intervals.

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